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my Mission

Here at Persistence Running, my mission is to equip YOU to run YOUR best, to be a constant support, a resource, and encouragement, and a listening ear through the highs and lows of training. Anyone can get a training plan online, but my mission is to provide so much more than just ‘training.’

Over the past seven years of running, I’ve learned so much and have had so many people come to me with running and nutrition questions that (with the encouragement from my husband and a couple friends) Persistence Run Coaching was born! I have worked hard on growing this business with the vision of helping women find confidence, encouragement, and support to equip them to run their best races, break through barriers, and do things they never thought possible. I love helping runners achieve their goals and I am here to do that for you, too!

I am kind of obsessed with seeing progress in my athletes and I truly believe in a science-backed, slow progression, VDOT focused training approach. I believe in a SMARTER, not harder approach to training, allowing my athletes time for their bodies to adapt to training and equipping their physical (and mental) muscles so they can CRUSH their goals. Your goals are possible, they are attainable, and with a little patience, focus, direction, and a progressive, purposeful training plan - you CAN achieve your goals.

You don’t have to be an elite to train like one.”
— Coach Bethany

an elite approach

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to running. If you want to get better, look to the professionals and see what they do, right? Make sense. And what I’ve found is that most recreational runners train completely different than professionals.

Duh, right.

Yes, we are busy with family and full time jobs and babies and dogs so we don’t have the time to run (or energy) 120+ miles a week. Hello, obvious.

But, what I really mean is that the way most recreational runners train is the way they approach their weekly workouts. Most runners are running too fast, too often, and it negatively impacts their training.

If you want to become faster and break through plateaus and PR, we need to take a deep dive into your running and start training like an elite.

This DOESN’T mean you are running 100+ miles a week, but it does mean we can mirror and scale down their running to fit our running needs. By copying the best of the best, we can become better too, less injured, and a whole lot stronger (both mentally and physically.) And that’s what I am here to help you do.

Let’s give YOU the chance to train like an elite.

Because, I believe that every runner deserves to be trained like a pro.

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