Here at Persistent Running, my mission is to equip you to become your best, strongest running self.

My vision is to be so much more than just a training plan - my mission is to be a valuable resource, an encouraging friend, a cheerleader when you have stellar runs, and someone to listen to when that run doesn’t go as planned. I really, really love the running community and I love how running connects so many people, all across the world! 

My goal with Persistence Running is inspire you to become your best running self. This may look different for each individual runner. But, we ALL can grow as runners, we all can learn, we all can reach new levels of fitness and achievements - but we HAVE to pursue it - with persistence

I started run coaching, because I love running, but after a year of starting, I realized that just as much as I love running, I LOVE seeing others win with their running too. I love inspiring and motivating and cheering from the sidelines. And as your coach, that’s what I am - a mentor, an encourager, a friend, and someone to pick you up when you are down. I am thrilled to see what is ahead of Persistence Running and so excited to have you part of the Persistence Running (PR) team!

I want you to become your best running self and to have someone to encourage you during those hard days, motivate you when you need it, and celebrate with you when you cross that finish line! Persistence run coaching isn’t just about getting PRs (although we LOVE when that happens) but it’s about becoming a better runner, mentally, physically and emotionally than you ever thought possible. It’s about enjoying the journey and seeing how much potential, you truly do have as a runner.

Why would I invest in a coach?

I understand there are plenty of free training plans out there and a variety of methods/approaches/and theories on training for races. But, let’s take a moment to think about how it would feel to have someone along with you - for your entire training cycle. How would it feel to have someone you could ask any question at any time of the day (and not have to search google for about 100 years before you found the answer).

Your goals are important to me and I want to make sure you achieve them. I also know that you are capable of such amazing things, whether you see that or not! It is amazing what happens when proper training, but a little dreaming come together. Amazing things happen, I promise.


What do I get as an athlete?


  • Custom made training plan 

  • Personalized training paces

  • UNLIMITED training plan adjustments 

  • UNLIMITED text/call support

  • Weekly, emailed workouts to ensure quality, personalized training (you are unique and your training should be too!)

  • Race day strategy and post race celebratory call

  • Monthly check-ins

  • Free nutrition E-book 

  • Online community 


What happens when I join team Persistence Running?

Once you join, Team Persistent Runners you will

  • Receive a WELCOME email with all the details + a welcome video from me

  • You will get sent a waiver to send back within 48 hours

  • Once your waiver is complete, we will set up an athlete call to kick off working together

  • Within 48 hours post-call, I will create your first week of training and you will receive your workouts to your email!

  • After that, we CRUSH IT